Funding & opportunities

There are various programs to provide funding and support to researchers working on ML Safety. The compute cluster and safety scholarships  below are run by our parent organization, the Center for AI Safety. The  research grant programs related for ML safety research that are listed here are not affiliated with either ML Safety or the Center for AI Safety.

Compute Cluster
The Center for AI Safety (CAIS) runs an initiative to provide free compute support for research projects in ML safety.

CAIS has set up a compute cluster specifically for ML safety research consisting of 256 A100 GPUs with 80GB memory
and 1,600 Gbit/s inter-node network speeds. The goal is to enable researchers to pursue novel lines of research which would be otherwise infeasible to pursue. Due to limited capacity, the cluster is primarily aimed at professors and their research teams, though others are also welcome to apply. Further details are available here and the application form is here.
ML Safety Scholarships
A $2000 scholarship for undergraduates and masters students who secure ML Safety research mentorship. Applications are currently closed.
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Grant opportunities
The NSF and other grant-making organizations currently have programs relating to ML Safety providing funding to researchers. We link to selected grant opportunities below (please note that these programs are not affiliated with our organization).