ML Safety Social

@ ICML 2023

About the Event

As ML systems become more capable and integrated into society, it becomes increasingly important that they are reliable, beneficial, and aligned with our objectives. We welcome participants interested in or working on ML safety topics for a semi-structured social meetup at ICML 2023. Meet peers who may have read your papers or whose papers you've read and build new friendships and collaboration opportunities.

We will be providing drinks and snacks as part of the event. Participants will be able to choose between joining group discussions on ML Safety topics selected by participants, or general unstructured discussion.


If you plan on joining us, please help us to order the right amount of food and drinks and provide your suggestions on ML Safety topics you would like to discuss with peers by registering here.

If you are interested in this event, you may also be interested in subscribing to the ML Safety Newsletter or following us on Twitter.

Date and location

  • Wednesday July 26th 17:45-19:30 HST (UTC -10)
  • Room 323 of the Hawaii Convention Center (please note this has changed from 313 to 323)

The event is published on the ICML website.